Bay Ridge History

Articles about the history of the Brooklyn neighborhood, for the website Hey Ridge.

The Real Bay Ridge Natives

The Most Famous Shootout in Bay Ridge History (The Charley Ross Story)

Bay Ridge’s Parks Were Once Envisioned as a Single Super Park

‘The End of Bay Ridge’: Battery Avenue and the Fort Hamilton Army Base

Crappy 100th Birthday, R Train! Love, Bay Ridge

When Bay Ridge Was a Vacation Destination to Rival Coney Island

How Shore Road Almost Didn’t Become a Park

The Totally Forgotten Bay Ridge Park That Never Was

True Crime: The Gory Murder of a Shore Road Spinster

Bay Ridge Almost Had a Park to Rival Prospect Park. Instead it Got a Golf Course

Why Are There a Few Blocks of Shore Road Without Apartment Buildings?

Why Does Bay Ridge Have Fancy Names for First and Second Avenues?

The Secret Remnants of One of Bay Ridge’s Oldest Streets

Did Emmett Grogan Grow Up in Bay Ridge and Then Lie About It?

Simon Cortelyou, the Meanest Man Who Ever Lived in Bay Ridge

The Little Cemetery That Was in Leif Ericson Park

The Short But Fascinating Life of a Third Avenue Casino

Why Are There a Few Blocks of Ridge Boulevard Without Apartment Buildings?

McKinley Park, Bay Ridge’s Most Overlooked

Bay Ridge’s Car-Free Streets

How Parking Your Car on the Street Became Legal in Brooklyn

Bay Ridge’s Triangle Parks

The Most Secret Street in Brooklyn

The Forgotten Past of Bay Ridge’s Ugliest Street

All the History that Will Be Lost if St. John’s is Sold

The Crazy Chimp Lady of Shore Road

The Last Reminder of One of the Men Who Built Bay Ridge

True Crime: When Shots Were Fired at a Fort Hamilton Math Teacher

True Crime: A Prohibition Shootout on the Streets of Bay Ridge

The Opulent History of One of Bay Ridge’s Handsomest Buildings

The Long, Complicated History of Hinsch’s

The Secrets of Swinburne Island

Where Did Gilbert Sorrentino Live Growing Up?

How Did Bay Ridge Get Stuck in a District with Staten Island Anyway?

A Secret Little Bay Ridge Park

Before Ferry Service Returns, a Look Back at Local Ferry History

Bay Ridge’s Most Unexpected Playground

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